A Letter From The Founder

Hi Friends, 

My name is Mia Littlejohn and I am the founder of Moodmail.

Cards have been in my life since before I can remember - from birthdays to graduations to unfortunate times, cards have been a staple for all of life’s big moments.

When creating Moodmail, I wanted to create memories for all of the moments we don’t always recognize. I want these cards to represent our real feelings and emotions – for our everyday moods.  

Coming from a non-profit background, I knew I wanted to incorporate my two worlds. I feel like it is our responsibility to grow and cultivate our communities - Moodmail plans to consistently invest proceeds to various social issues and causes.

I’m excited to share Moodmail with you and I hope you can find cards to match all of your moods.


Mia Littlejohn,

Founder Of Moodmail